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If your tooth is weak, chipped or feels damaged we may be able to restore the function and aesthetic of the tooth by providing you with a crown or dental bridge.

Same Day Crowns Available in CEREC 


Our clinic is equipped with all the latest technology to provide same day single ceramic crowns. Tooth crowns are the more common restorations performed on patients with decayed, broken or a brittle tooth. Ceramic crowns are a long-lasting treatment that can restore strength and aesthetic to your tooth. A crown works like a helmet for your tooth that can ask as a cast to protect a weak tooth, support a large filling, protect a tooth from risk of decay or restore a tooth that is already broken.

Each crown is customized and designed to match the design, colour and height of the existing teeth to ensure there is no change to your original bite.

Book a consultation with one of our dentists so we can have a full examination of your oral health and determine whether you will require a tooth crown.


Each type of dental bridge aims to feel the gap of a missing tooth or teeth. Simply put, a dental bridge is a false tooth called pontic that is held by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap. There are four main types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional – Pontic teeth or tooth supported by two dental crowns

  • Cantilever – A single pontic tooth supported by a single crown

  • Maryland – Used on anterior teeth. One pontic tooth is supported by metal or ceramic wings

  • Implant supported – Pontic teeth or tooth supported by implant



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